Making new friends can be a daunting challenge for children.  Kids who are new to a school or neighborhood are even more challenged and may fear not being able to make any friends or wind up being a loner. With your support, your child can learn ways of initiating friendships and keeping them.

Resilient Children gives the tools to adults to do exactly that! This book is a hands-on resource for parents, educators—all adults who care about inspiring kids to thrive and succeed.

Resilient Children provides specific learning activities that caring adults can use to teach specific friendship-making behaviors to kids. These games are appropriate from kindergarten through elementary school age children. The many learning activities become a tool box of skills that your child needs to make and keep friendships.

The message that Resilient Children conveys to kids is that being a good friend helps two people feel good—yourself and your friend. Underlying this message is the reality that in friendships, kids will grow confident and secure.   We adults know how valuable our friendships are, and children begin to discover this truism early in their lives.




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